There are a huge buzz and hype around AI in computer vision these days. Yet the most challenging task still remains to be gathering, cleaning, structuring and labeling the data. It takes a painfully long time to collect, organize and then label the data before any kind of neural net or machine learning algorithms could be trained. Eg. Satellite data for agriculture, or medical imaging and diagnosis, or recognizing retail imaging for products on a shelf. They all need a giant size of labeled images which need to be pixel perfect.

APIs Integration

Our  APIs can recognize millions of objects across 16 verticals including cars, faces, logos, flowers, landmarks, artwork, animals, currencies and more. Businesses can integrate our APIs into their applications, website or products to enable visual search, automatic image processing, and tagging. We will provide APIs that can recognize raw data and annotate it automatically.

Human Data Collection

To help enterprises of all sizes advance in this challenging area while also staying ahead of the competition, enterprises need a large amount of data to train their machines and make their algorithms efficient. Civixa collects the data according to the machine’s requirement so that the machine can be more efficient and intelligent.

A generalized solution

Choosing the right machine learning algorithm depends on several factors, including, but not limited to: data size, quality, and diversity, as well as what answers businesses want to derive from that data. Additional considerations include accuracy, training time, parameters, data points and much more. Therefore, Civixa brings the perfect blend of the right algorithm for catering to all type of raw data.

Personalized / Trained Civixa

Our skilled project managers work with your team to understand your objectives and timeline, and will customize a program to meet your needs. We can collect and transcribe large quantities of data in a short time frame, allowing you to quickly train your algorithms and improve the customer experience.

Platform for Image Civixa

Civixa  provides a platform for image annotation with focused image annotation service to measure the dimension from pixel-to-pixel for annotating every image perfectly. Civixa  specializes in image annotation technology and image annotation deep learning services.

Object Detection for Ecommerce / Retail.

With object detection (and the larger idea of machine learning), it’s possible to not only know which objects are in your photos automatically – it’s possible to know where they are, too. A divide-and-conquer strategy is employed to improve the speed. Specifically, the input image is divided into several regions based on the planogram. Recurring patterns are detected in each region, respectively, and then merged together to estimate the product layout. No human intervention is needed, and the path from an inspirational image to the checkout page is streamlined.

Audio and Speech recognition

Speech recognition is the underlying technology that powers voice assistants. We provide a way for special people to understand the human spoken word. Although it advertised as a means to improve productivity, it can be a game changer for the disabled. This is especially true if you find operating computing devices difficult due to upper limb problems. Our speech collection covers a variety of types including: Telephony, Embedded device, Single/multi-speaker, Prompt variation, Speech modality, Text corpora, and other resources.