What is Civixa

There are a huge buzz and hype around AI in computer vision these days. Yet the most challenging task still remains to be gathering, cleaning, structuring and labeling the data. It takes a painfully long time to collect, organize and then label the data before any kind of neural net or machine learning algorithms could be trained. Eg. Satellite data for agriculture, or medical imaging and diagnosis, or recognizing retail imaging for products on a shelf. They all need a giant size of labeled images which need to be pixel perfect.

We want to enable those researchers, developers, and companies by taking this painful task from them, so they could focus on their algorithms, models and business problem, rather than handling workforce for labeling and maintaining a quality of data.

Human Data Collection

Civixa  helps you in labeling and enriching a wide variety of data types including speech, text, image, and video.

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Personalized / Trained Annotators

Civixa  provides you  trained, educated and highly skilled work force in no time to process data accurately.  

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Platform for Image Annotation

We provide a platform targeting the niche of computer vision. Civixa provide image annotation that's pixel perfect and compatible with your business needs.

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APIs Integration

We provide custom APls and their  integration with any learning based system. We also provide customized APIs for any special requirement that helps your business to grow.

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A generalized solution

Civixa helps you in object detection by our generalized algorithm that can carry self-analysis on the provided raw data.

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Ecommerce / Retail

We empower retails and E-commerce to increase their sales enormously by providing them annotation service that helps in making the best planograms.

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Audio and Speech recognition

Civixa  collects and labels high-quality speech data to enhance your language-based solutions for the organizations helping people with speech and hearing disability

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Types of services we offer

Design better, faster, and more collaboratively with real-time, in-browser design collaboration and presentation tools.

Cuboid Annotation

Polygonal Annotation

Contour Annotation

Semantic Segmentation

Poly Mask Annotation

Line Annotation


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